Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY in the stars x My first GIVEAWAY!

My fashion heads, this is a DIY moment. My mother, as much as I hate to admit it at times, has definitely rubbed off on me. When I was younger all I wanted was a doodle bear, some of you may remember this little thing, but if you don't, it was basically a bear that you can draw on and wash it and start over with the drawings. My mother was determined, and not giving in to the department store and paying the "expensive" price tag and therefor, made it her self. She sewed a little bear made of cotton and got me fabric pens from the craft store. Now I don't know how much in the end it saved her, but she was quite proud of herself and I guess also knowing her daughter very well, I only doodle for a about a week, so in the end I guess it was worth it. The DIY gene for sure creeped my way (even though I am adopted). So on the bottom half of my body we have a pair of jeans that I did the DIY deed with and re-created a pair of Current Elliot star jeans, these freaking jeans are a whopping $220 in stores. Now, you'll have to know that I will splurge on some items, but these I thought were absolutely absurd, you'll also know that I do love to find/get a great bargain. So in the back of my creative mind I thought to my self, "I can totally make these". I knew in my closet I already had a pair of nice grey jeans that I could sacrifice for the project. I went to Michaels, bought white craft paint and a blank stencil maker, because for some odd reason they did not have any sort of already made star stencils. I went home created my own star to the size that I liked and got to work. Let me tell you, this was very time consuming to sit there and paint each star on both legs, but now I was the determined one. The end result is exactly what I hoped for and costing a fraction of the price. Now I made these jeans mid summer, but felt the need to bring them into fall for a color blocking/monochromatic outfit.
The rest of the outfit consists of grey tshirt from blookingdales, a varsity jackets from Forever21, Zara necklace and boots, and Aldo sunnies.

Do any of you have DIY projects that your very proud of? Tell me about it in the comments and you could win my very first give away. Please leave an email address. Good luck!!
Giveaway ends December 30th

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  1. Those jeans are so cute ! Good job ! I have never done a DIY but I see I need to start LOL
    Hope I win !

  2. I love DIYs! I recently took apart a couple of necklaces & earrings that I no longer wear, reconfigured & reattached them using pliers & made 3 one of a kind headchain pieces. I posted them on IG univsall_kai. My email is