Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sequin in the New Year!

My fashion heads, Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday and are adjusting to 2013 well. Usually I'm not a resolutions person, because I think those "resolutions are easily broken by Febuary, I like to set goals and achievements I want for myself that I would like to try and have accomploshed for that year. Being a woman one of those goals is always eating healthier and loosing a couple of Lbs, but whose isn't?! As the year goes on I will share with you some of my goals I have set for myself and I hope to have a great and fashionable year!

Like some of you may have done, I bought some special clothes to wear around the holidays, and one of those pieces happen to be a sparkly thing of a sequin baseball bomber jacket in bright blue. Sequins I think are the overlooked asset to a great outfit, whether that's a dressed up or down one. Once I saw this jacket I knew it was special, special because I saw me having many ways to be worn and having many partners to go with in my closet, not just a one hit wonder. I know what your thinking, sequins? Sequins are not just a holiday or special occasion date, it's something that can liven up that casual outfit and make you shine and smile. I decided to do just that here.  I paired this sequin jacket with a cut off tshirt reading "Expensive Love" (some would say "oh how fitting"), drop crotch pants, which I think are better alternatives to sweat pants but can still give you that comfy lounge feeling, leopard kicks, because leopard goes with just about anything, and this new Cccichy clutch I got myself for Christmas, she's kind of a flirt.  What would have been a rather boring outfit, is gleaming in the sun for a cool and chic weekend look, so take out those "fancy" sparkles and pair them with some of your casual pieces for that second time around and be the talk of the town.

Fashion Head