Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who holds all the power?.. From the eye of the bag-holder

My Fashion heads, yesterday while out window shopping I came across my very own impromptu experiment. During my work break you can usually find me walking around the mall, every other day I'm forced to go there because our office bank's there. So I choose to get some cardio by walking through some of my favorite stores to pass time and breathe some fresh fashion air. Well, while browsing through (I don't think I'm going to give out the name, but it was a high end store), I was going through their clearance bin of handbags ("after the holiday" mark downs are this girls best friend). Now let me tell you, in toe with me was my Christmas gift from hubby, my new Celine bag, aahhhh!!! Like I said, I do go to the mall pretty regularly, so much that some people at other stores think I would work in the mall, not a good look, but I really don't care, as long as people don't start asking me to get them a size. Like I was saying, I was digging through the clearance bin, holding up a nice Marc by Marc Jacobs cobalt blue cross body when a sales woman approached me, asked if I needed help, when I said my usual "no thanks I'm just looking" she then complimented me on my bag, telling me how stunning it was, asking where I had gotten it, when I told her from my husband for Christmas, she smiled and started telling me about her holiday and then started talking about her presents, then to her kids, it was about a 5 min convo. She followed me around for a few minutes, giving her two sense on other things I was looking at, as if I didn't have my own brain to think that "that bag is very cute" (I really hate that, but that's another topic). I go back to the bin of bags and grab another , go over to the mirror to take a look and another sales woman approaches me, tells me how stunning my bag is, compliments me on the bag I was holding then recommends me to see a fancy bag in the glass case, OK the glass case! Not once have I EVER been offered to see anything in a glass case, even looking at watches I would normally have to beg a sales girl to open it, and after getting some eyes rolls I was helped. She's showing me all the new merchandise they just got in and all the different colors these wallets came in. All awhile thinking to myself, "what makes this shopping experience and ME any different from all the other times I browsed through this store" then I looked down, this is my bag doing all the work here! All because of this beautiful, red babe I had on my arm, I was the stores biggest catch! Did they think I had thousands in my wallet ready to spend and they would be receiving a heffty comish, were they just being polite because I was "the rich girl" at the time in the store.  I have gone in this store NUMEROUS times carrying less expensive bags and have not had more then a "hello how are you" and now the women are practically throwing themselves at me and wanting to show me the good EXPENSIVE stuff, you had to be there, I'm telling you. It's sad to say that I was not able to exactly ask these woman, "what is it, is it my bag, is it that you have received poor feedback on customer service and that's why your all up my ass? what is it?!"  Then it got me reminiscing about one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman, where she goes to Rodeo Drive to shop and in the first store things were "very expensive" and they wouldn't let her shop. No I have never been told to leave a store, frankly it's because I don't go into stores dressed like a hooker, sorry Viv, but I do 100% believe we receive better customer service depending on how we dress, and especially in higher end stores.  I took a stab at this topic on my personal Facebook page and the responses were all unanimous, my other friends have received the same treatment when shopping. When dressed a certain way we get treated differently. So does this really mean that the power is in the eye of the bag-holder? OR were all the woman at ____ about to catch the FLU and running high fevers? The world may never know....

"They won't let her shop!"


Fashion Head

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