Monday, December 24, 2012

A white Christmas!

My fashion heads, I hope everyone had a great weekend. My family and I made a trip to upstate New York to visit my family and have an early Christmas eve dinner, it's a tradition and a good way to get the whole family together. So far we haven't had any snow on the island so when we went upstate they had a couple inches, it really brought Christmas to life when you have snow!  I wanted to do a little holiday outfit for those holiday parties we all have to attend, because sometimes it is hard to get that holiday outfit without having in the back of your head, I don't want to be the only one dressed up. This outfit I have is the perfect balance of dressed up and a little holiday with out screaming "I'm dressed for a holiday party!' Some old timey ladies like to wear those overly Christmas enthusiastic sweaters, where now they have parties for those, you can dig in your mom's closet, deep in the back where she keeps those clothes from the 80's that she doesn't want to part with and take out those "ugly Christmas sweaters". So here, obvi I didn't at all want to resemble THAT! Yes my sweater has the green theme, but its not punch you in the face Christmas. Wrapped around my shoulders is my every loving trend this season, faux fur scarf, and while we are at it a crouching leopard, LOVE! Paired this with a faux leather skirt, with POCKETS, (there's just something abo a skirt or a dress that when you add pockets to it, every girls with shout when they try it on, OH MY GOD IT HAS POCKETS, maybe it makes us feel closer to jeans, but who really knows), next came the tights and some crystal platform booties. Loving this holiday look, I didn't freeze toooo bad. I had a great time with my family and I hope all of you are fashionable this holiday season and have a happy and healthy New Year!

"I love the people who make me laugh.
     I honestly think its the thing I like most, to laugh"
                                                        -Audrey Hepburn

Fashion Head

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enter my giveaway!

My fashion heads, tis the holiday season so I extended my giveaway, then it dawned on me that I never put what exactly I was GIVING AWAY, ummmhello Alexa! Well the winner will get 2 bottles of Butter London Nail polish! These polishes are great, the company practices green  (big thumbs up). The quality of these polishes is fantastic, their colors are fab, they retail at $14 a piece. The colors you will be getting are my 2 favorite, one is a pretty pearly purple "HRH" and the second is a Dark gold with a black undertone called "WALLIS". Every girl loves to me pampered and nails are a big thing this year. So good luck to everyone!!!!

All you have to do to enter is subscribe to my blog, follow me on Instagram @fashion_head_alexa and leave a comment on this post Here and tell me about a DIY project you have done or would like to try, or your favorite nail trend of the season.  Please leave your email address in the comment and I will contact you when I choose a winner! 
Good luck and happy holidays!!

fashion Head,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going out is a breeze!

My fashion heads, I do go out, I swear! Saturday nights with my friends is a must at least a couple times a month to release the pressures of real life. I have found it more difficult to be cute and a little sexy as the temperatures drop, going out in a skirt or shorts when it's 30 degrees is not only unrealistic, its dumb. I've done it though, we've all probably done it, wanted to try and brave the cold for the name of fashion, but let's be honest, we all froze and chattered our butts off. So what else is out there, to wear when we go out and still manage to look cute and fashionable while still staying warm?!
ENTER: faux leather leggings & pants!
Leather/faux leather has been kinda a big deal in fashion this season, whether it's leather trim, leather sleeves and leggings/pants. It's always a staple piece in the ol' wardrobe that will grace it's presence every year, kinda like a perennial flower. Not only can this years leather be found in black, but also in other trendy colors like oxblood and dark teal (trust me HOT). If your not fond of leather there are also great options in waxed denim, and velvet leggings, which are beautiful. I decided to go with the traditional black in my look for today, because I wanted to have a pair that was versatile and I could wear over and over, mixing it around with different looks.

If you have to cover your legs, then why not cover up in something chic and amazing, and
something that every girl will ask "OMG, where did you get those?" (do you hear that girls voice like I do?)
Peep my must have pics after the shoot!

1. Zara
2. Zara
3. Zara
4. Asos

And Happy


Stay Fashion forward!
Fashion Head

Monday, December 10, 2012

Layering lesson.

My fashion heads, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This weekend on Long Island was rainy and crappy, so I spent mine mostly inside with my hubby Christmas-ing our house. When we did venture out it was still in the 50's but had some chill, so that's what got me thinking about layering. With this damn global warming weather going on, the winter weather is never predictable. Right now there should be some snow on the ground we should be cozied in knit sweaters and scarfs, but noooo, I found myself in cutoff shorts, tights and layered sweatshirt. Now here goes the lesson.
Like I always say, think outside that box of brain you have and think of something different, here in my outfitSss I have options of layering. The bottoms have stayed the same, of course if the weather were colder you can opt for jeans that go to your ankles but for now bare with me and my cut offs, any ways I think the tights are quite appealing with my cobalt blue booties. I have on a vintage inspired David Bowie sweatshirt layered over and sleeveless blouse with embellished collar and beanie. This type of blouse you would think can only be dressed up and worn with a skirt for a night out or a nice pair of jeans but I wanted to add some girlie sparkle to this rugged look.

Here I layered a trend that I spoke about here, and threw on a fur collar, yes it's brand new but to me the look and feel of it brings some vintage feelings to my outfit. God looking at this I could fit in with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (watch video if you can use a laugh and a good beat). This fur can literally be thrown on to any outfit, and I have been obsessed with it.

In the 3rd layering, I put on my spiked shoulder blazer (where I introduced to you here) to maybe, maybe, dress up this outfit a little bit. Adding a structured blazer doesn't always mean corporate, but it does bring it to another level of sophistication. These whole ideas give you great ways to dress up those sweaters I was talking about here.

Get the looks:
1. Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters
2. Blouse: Urban Outfitters (similar)
3. Blazer: Forever21
4. Fur collar: J. Jill (similar, I got mine at H&M)
5. Boots: Zara

Have a great day fashion heads, and keep it classy!

Fashion Head

Friday, December 7, 2012

Super Model style crush

My fashion heads, lately I have been having a complete style crush on the "oh so beeeautiful" Miranda Kerr, especially after the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, did you guys watch? She's well known for her bangin Victoria Secret Angel bod and wifey & baby mama to Orlando Blum, one lucky freaking lady! Being a super model, well would you call her a "super model" not sure, but I'm going to call her this, because I 100% decided that she has SUPER style, corny I know! With having a very nice pay check from Victoria Secret and being delivered clothes on the daily, Mirranda's style is my everything, especially her casual mommy style. With being married for almost 5 years we do get asked the "soo when are you having kids" question, probably on a daily basis, but we were married young so waiting is in the cards for us. But looking at mommies like Miranda does have me hopeful that looking good will take more effort but is for sure do-able. Her style for her casual days, whether that's airport style, mama and baby time, or walking around the city,  is effortless-chic and polished, and COMFORTABLE,which even woman wants. The way she pairs a t-shirt with jeans, a leather jacket and adds a cool hat, or an all black cozy ensemble, or adding a cichy bag to a simple sweater, jeans and over sized pee coat, her style is just cool, and could her very cute son be any better of an accessory! Now Miranda's wardrobe does however include pieces from designers such as Isabel Marant, Balenciaga and Alexander Wang in almost every outfit, which for most, isn't realistic, but if you take real good look at the pieces she wears, they are simple and we can find
the looks for less!

I'm pulling a pieces from my favorite outfits of hers that I found for less

1. Black floppy hat: Miranda's Rag & Bone $175, my find Asos $70
2. Quilted sleeve leather jacket: Balenciaga $1714 (on sale too, jeez) my find Zara $249
3. Black sneakers: Isabel Marant $640, my find Schutz $114
4. Pink leopard print scarf: Alexander Mcqueen $569 (and that's on sale too), my find River Island $44
5. Animal print bag: Alexander Wang $1150, my find BCBG $157
6. Grey wrap skirt: Alexander Wang $135, my find People Tree $21

Which will you go out and buy?

Have a fab weekend!
Fashion Head

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Santa,

My fashion heads, the holidays are quickly approaching and this year the sound of is gets me a little nauseous, its just extremely crazy how fast a year really goes by, and it bums me out that I'm a year older then I was last Christmas, waahwaah. I do enjoy the holidays, don't get me wrong, but every year it seems to show up earlier and earlier with out an invite. The spirit that is around during the holiday season is a great feeling though, driving around seeing peoples houses light up, whether or not it's done tastefully, I won't be the judge, but it is wonderful. My favorite thing about the holidays is going into Manhatten and seeing the Chistmas tree and walking the streets visiting the store windows, even being a New Yorker is doesn't get old and is now a tradition. My husband and I host Christmas at our house every year, we have about 20 people over, it can be overwhelming at times and a lot of work, but we love having all our loved ones together in our home. And then there is the ever loving exchanging of presents and I usually start my Christmas Wish List in July by sending pictures of what I want to my hubby while out shopping. Those lists do tend to change by the time Christmas actually arrives. So with Christmas in a meir 20 days, ekkk, here's whats at the tippy top of my "I've been a good girl" list. No I won't get it all, but my hubby does always get me the perfects ones because he knows his wife "oh so well", but a girl can dream right?!

From graphic sweaters, to plaid pants, ear cuffs, a possibly offensive clutch, and spikes,
 these are all my must haves!

7. Phillip Lim Pashli mini
8. Schutz
9. schutz
Whats on your wish list?

Fashion Head