Monday, December 10, 2012

Layering lesson.

My fashion heads, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. This weekend on Long Island was rainy and crappy, so I spent mine mostly inside with my hubby Christmas-ing our house. When we did venture out it was still in the 50's but had some chill, so that's what got me thinking about layering. With this damn global warming weather going on, the winter weather is never predictable. Right now there should be some snow on the ground we should be cozied in knit sweaters and scarfs, but noooo, I found myself in cutoff shorts, tights and layered sweatshirt. Now here goes the lesson.
Like I always say, think outside that box of brain you have and think of something different, here in my outfitSss I have options of layering. The bottoms have stayed the same, of course if the weather were colder you can opt for jeans that go to your ankles but for now bare with me and my cut offs, any ways I think the tights are quite appealing with my cobalt blue booties. I have on a vintage inspired David Bowie sweatshirt layered over and sleeveless blouse with embellished collar and beanie. This type of blouse you would think can only be dressed up and worn with a skirt for a night out or a nice pair of jeans but I wanted to add some girlie sparkle to this rugged look.

Here I layered a trend that I spoke about here, and threw on a fur collar, yes it's brand new but to me the look and feel of it brings some vintage feelings to my outfit. God looking at this I could fit in with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (watch video if you can use a laugh and a good beat). This fur can literally be thrown on to any outfit, and I have been obsessed with it.

In the 3rd layering, I put on my spiked shoulder blazer (where I introduced to you here) to maybe, maybe, dress up this outfit a little bit. Adding a structured blazer doesn't always mean corporate, but it does bring it to another level of sophistication. These whole ideas give you great ways to dress up those sweaters I was talking about here.

Get the looks:
1. Sweatshirt: Urban Outfitters
2. Blouse: Urban Outfitters (similar)
3. Blazer: Forever21
4. Fur collar: J. Jill (similar, I got mine at H&M)
5. Boots: Zara

Have a great day fashion heads, and keep it classy!

Fashion Head

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