Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going out is a breeze!

My fashion heads, I do go out, I swear! Saturday nights with my friends is a must at least a couple times a month to release the pressures of real life. I have found it more difficult to be cute and a little sexy as the temperatures drop, going out in a skirt or shorts when it's 30 degrees is not only unrealistic, its dumb. I've done it though, we've all probably done it, wanted to try and brave the cold for the name of fashion, but let's be honest, we all froze and chattered our butts off. So what else is out there, to wear when we go out and still manage to look cute and fashionable while still staying warm?!
ENTER: faux leather leggings & pants!
Leather/faux leather has been kinda a big deal in fashion this season, whether it's leather trim, leather sleeves and leggings/pants. It's always a staple piece in the ol' wardrobe that will grace it's presence every year, kinda like a perennial flower. Not only can this years leather be found in black, but also in other trendy colors like oxblood and dark teal (trust me HOT). If your not fond of leather there are also great options in waxed denim, and velvet leggings, which are beautiful. I decided to go with the traditional black in my look for today, because I wanted to have a pair that was versatile and I could wear over and over, mixing it around with different looks.

If you have to cover your legs, then why not cover up in something chic and amazing, and
something that every girl will ask "OMG, where did you get those?" (do you hear that girls voice like I do?)
Peep my must have pics after the shoot!

1. Zara
2. Zara
3. Zara
4. Asos

And Happy


Stay Fashion forward!
Fashion Head

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