Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dear Santa,

My fashion heads, the holidays are quickly approaching and this year the sound of is gets me a little nauseous, its just extremely crazy how fast a year really goes by, and it bums me out that I'm a year older then I was last Christmas, waahwaah. I do enjoy the holidays, don't get me wrong, but every year it seems to show up earlier and earlier with out an invite. The spirit that is around during the holiday season is a great feeling though, driving around seeing peoples houses light up, whether or not it's done tastefully, I won't be the judge, but it is wonderful. My favorite thing about the holidays is going into Manhatten and seeing the Chistmas tree and walking the streets visiting the store windows, even being a New Yorker is doesn't get old and is now a tradition. My husband and I host Christmas at our house every year, we have about 20 people over, it can be overwhelming at times and a lot of work, but we love having all our loved ones together in our home. And then there is the ever loving exchanging of presents and I usually start my Christmas Wish List in July by sending pictures of what I want to my hubby while out shopping. Those lists do tend to change by the time Christmas actually arrives. So with Christmas in a meir 20 days, ekkk, here's whats at the tippy top of my "I've been a good girl" list. No I won't get it all, but my hubby does always get me the perfects ones because he knows his wife "oh so well", but a girl can dream right?!

From graphic sweaters, to plaid pants, ear cuffs, a possibly offensive clutch, and spikes,
 these are all my must haves!

7. Phillip Lim Pashli mini
8. Schutz
9. schutz
Whats on your wish list?

Fashion Head

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