Friday, November 30, 2012

Cozy up for a cold winter!

My fashion heads, I've missed blogging this past week, because like a lot others I was hit with the Thanksgiving cold. Hope everyone had a great holiday, mine was wonderful, I spent it with my husband and  family in a log cabin, a new tradition says our wonderful Aunt! But now I'm here and I wanna talk about coats, yes I talked jackets in another recent post here, but jackets and COATS are very different. Jackets are something to just throw on for an extra layer and glitz to your outfit and to stay semi warm, a coat is winter necessary so you don't freeze your tits off get frost bite. Now trends, puffer jackets have been in the fashion world for years and every year are the "go to warm coat" along with pee coats, definite classic. I have noticed though in this recent month that designers are upping the anty of excitement and adding details to these very classic coats for a more pleasurable wear. So here I have you, some must have coats to keep you cozy for what I think is going to be a freaking chilly ass winter! Not like last year where I lived in my favorite leather jacket.

Asos has the best options and all for $200 and mostly under
Also, they are continuing their Cyber Monday all week so everything is 30% with promo code CYBERMONDAYSPECIAL

3. Asos
5. Asos
6. Asos

Fur trim is a big trend this winter, you can achieve this detail with either buying a piece, like coat, that has the trim built in or detachable. OR you can buy a fur collar and add it to you outfit, like sweater, over your coat or jacket, like I did here with my moto jacket

Here are some great options for fur collars, and you HAVTA finish off this cozy look with a fun beanie.

1. here fur collar
2. here fur collar
3. here beanie
4. here beanie
5. here beanie
6. here beanie

Have a great weekend and stay warm betches!
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