Monday, November 5, 2012

Giving back in the name of fashion.

My fashion heads,  I want to take a minute to say some things about the catastrophe that has hit the east coast this past week. We were struck by hurricane sandy on October 29th, and the aftermath of the hurricane and seeing the pictures on the news of some of our Buro's and fellow neighborhoods is the most devastating thing I have ever seen. I have a lot of family in areas that were hit very bad and I am truly grateful they are still here, yes a lot of belongs and memories might have been lots, but to have your life is the most rewarding. I do spend 100% of my time on my blog talking about materialistic things, but this is definitely a time to be grateful for everything other then that. I am extremely grateful for not having lost power for very long during the storm, as well as mine and my immediate family not having any serious damage done to their homes and no one I know getting injury, or even worse. For everyone else that was greatly effected, this is our time to reach out. So I'm asking all my fellow fashion heads to donate, lend a helping hand to your community and dig in that closet of yours for gently used clothes to donate to local drop offs. I'm sure if you have listened to the radio in your area or have facebook you should be fully aware of local drops in your area, yes the gas out there is scares, but please get out there make a different, in a time of need and devastation we all need to stick together! Places are asking for cleaning products including: garbage bags, mops, brooms, flash lights, batteries, buckets etc. Also bottled water, canned food, jackets, and other clothes. Any donation is never to little. Or you can text to the Red Cross for a $10 donation.

Fashion Head

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