Monday, November 5, 2012

The Great wall of Fashion

My fashion heads, Pattern and printed jeans have been the rave since summer and sneaked their way into fall a lot more classier and maybe not as loud in color. The past summer I did find myself reaching for these neon shirts and pants but my own comfort zone is always the warm neutrals, as is I'm sure a lot of my fellow fashion heads. I'm finding it hard after wearing printed and colored jeans that my regular blue jeans just don't make me as happy as per say a velvet brocade denim would. I wore these jbrand bad boys on a afternoon outing and paired them with my, heavy on rotation, Steve Madden studded booties and a simple grey sweater.  Steve Madden has always been one of my favorite, can I say designers. They are always on trend, now whether that is copying other designers looks I won't be the judge, but when I want a well made pair of shoes at a reasonable price that will last for years and comfort and be TRENDY Steve Madden is always my first stop. So my chloe wanna-bes are on my feet quite often! I'm loving how loud and obnoxious my legs and feet are in this outfit, I could have really turned up the noise with a simple but printed tshirt, maybe next time! This outfit can be worn for a casual day or maybe even work appropriate, depending on your office dress code. Next time I think I'll pair these with heels and take them out for some fun! But for now, enjoy my casual-ness and keepin it easy!

Get the look:
1 Jbrand jeans: on sale here!
2. Gap sweater: here similar
3. Steve Madden boots: here
3. Clear sunglasses: here similar

Fashion Head


  1. found you from instagram! Love your style! hope you check my blog out as well!

    1. Thank you, your a greeat follower! :) i did check out your blog, its very nice! thanks for checking mine out! <3