Friday, November 16, 2012

Jackets, splurging and getting a great deal!

My fashion heads, I have been quite the busy girl, and I wish I could say I was busy doing fashionanist things and shopping and fashion shows, but unfortunately I'm not that lucky girl just yet. Instead I was busy doing my real job, waah waah. If you read my So Who is this Fashion Head Alexa, you would know that I work for insurance, and with the catastrophe that hit the east coast, Super Storm Sandy, I have crazy busy at work helping people with their damage due to the storm. Although my outfits every day have been spot on, when I get out of work I have been mentally exhausted. Things have been slowing down at work so I will get back to outfits post but for now, I wanna talk about Jackets...yes jackets

Every couple of years I stock up on jackets, whether its the seasons trendiest jacket design or one that is classic and chic that will last years and seasons after. I find the hardest part is what to splurge on and what to find a good deal on. So here is my guide on the subject!

As I have told you, my other passion in my life is interior design, so why not put my love for clothes right on top of that like the perfect, and pretty, sandwich. Here we have a space in my dinning room, hanging from my favorite Pottery Barn mirror is a jacket from Zara, no its not that BIG of a splurge, costing a I think reasonable $90, it is an extremely classic jacket with a moto style (which is both trendy and classic), but the leather detail, clean lines and neutral color, I can most certainly see myself wearing this for a number of years. Now the jacket to the left is my beloved camouflage military style jacket, (you can see me wearing this here). Like I told you ladies, camo is definitely an ongoing trend for the season, so you might think its a one year wearing type of jacket, but in my opinion camouflage is here for a while, it always pops back up in fashion and I've always like the print so even if it isn't all the that "IN" next year I'm not putting it in the back of my closet. The thing I love about this jacket is the girlie details. A military jacket can very much be quite manly and is something to be added to an outfit that can be the juxtaposition to a feminine outfit, but the fine lines of this jacket is anything but burly. To the jeweled details on the pockets, the curved hem and the little bit of ruffled hem in the back it's girly city. My advice for finding a jacket that can keep you warm for at least a couple years, these are the things to look for: clean and classic lines, neutral colors, versatile prints and well made materials. So this obviously would be something to splurge on!

Ok some people will know the reference to this picture and to the ones that don't..well shame on you!
"Big says the kitchen needs work, but I don't know about that `cause I keep sweaters in my stove"  -Carrie Bradshaw

All of you should know that I DON'T COOK, and quite frankly I'm not at all ashamed to admit that, one day when I have kids to feed and keep alive I will most definitely do so, but for now, "what restaurant are we going to?". Just kidding I'm a very lucky girl who has a wonderful husband that enjoys to cook and try and plump me up, but of course we do go out to eat often. Ok enough with the rant, attached to my, we'll say seldom, seldomly cooked on stove is some very trendy jackets. And with trends I say this is the department where you need to save the money and shop at stores like forever 21, H&m or any other low priced store. These two jackets have my ever loving studs and spikes detail. The jacket to our left is a freaking white leather, oh wait faux leather. White!! Never in my life have I owned a white jacket and this one had raise of sunlight shinning down when I feasted my eyes on it at Forver21. This jacket I can definitely see taking my into chillier nights in the spring and for now warmer night outs. Yes it is a moto jacket so it is still classic and might be worn a numerous amount of time this season and to the next, but the chances, because of the color and maybe even the studs, this is going to be a short lived jacket, so for the price of just $30, if I wear it lets say 5 times,  $6 per wear is for sure worth it! The spiked shoulder blazer, no isn't a jacket, but for nights out with friends you don't always want to have to wear a heavy jacket that you'll have to end up holding the whole night, a blazer can do wonders, so this one is a must. A black blazer for every woman is a necessary staple in the wardrobe, but who knows how long studs are going to me a rave and for that another $30 is well worth it! Trendier the pieces, that is where we should not bust the bank and shop at Forever21 for knock offs.

Later on in my posts I will show you guys how I wore all these fabUlous babes!

Thanks for listening to my ranting, and enjoy your weekend fashion heads!

Fashion Head

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  1. Great blog, and great shots by the way. I'm looking for some canvas material jackets, any deals or suggestions? Thanks.