Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweater shirts aren't only for gym class...

My fashion heads,  I have to talk about a trend that I am loving. Making comfy sweatshirts stylish. So easy, who would have thought, sweater shirts don't have to just be worn to stay warm around the house or to do errands in and thrown on when your lazy. If you have paid any attention in the fashion world lately, fashion heads every where are covering their torsoes with graphic sweater shirts, and I think its a great way to stay warm and fashionable this season. Now, let me make this clear, in no way am I permitting you to leave your house wearing a sweat suit outfit with the matching top and bottom (oh GAWWWD). I'm talking about dressing it up and putting on a skirt , heels and some jewels for a night out, or for day time a pair of boys friend jeans, boots and again some bling<-uhh I have officially hated that world but felt the need to use it.  Let me warn you that, because of the sweater shirt phenomenon, you have to be savvy with your shopping, because fashion forward sweater shirts can reach the hundreds, but are indeed fabulous.
Here are some ways to wear, from some of my favorite fashionista's!
Oh, and of course my style snap shots, inspire on!

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Photos from:
5. My favorite instragram-mer @luisafere

Here are some great ones, maybe you should go out and buy!

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