Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mixing Prints like Woaah! tips right this way....

My Fashion Heads, attention attention, we're mixing prints for fall and this is gona be fun! Some of you may be shocked or a little scared and maybe even turned off by my idea of a great outfit, but there's no shame on trying something once. I have always loved mixing prints, it all started from my interior design back round and has followed me to the clothes. So here are some tips on the matter and how to look classy and not trashy!
I'm going to start off slow and easy you into the process of how I believe this all frickin works. Tip number 1, DON'T BE AFRAID!! God forbid you leave the house and your driving in your car thinking to your self as you look down at the outfit you just put on "why the hell did I do this? No one is going to understand and people will stare!" But who cares, if that's the worst thing, just think it's only one day and you always have tomorrow to redeem your self. There's no paparrazi following you and then soon putting your pictures in Us magazine headling you in the worst dressed list, or is there?! Don't be afraid to take a risk and feel good about what you have on. Tip number 2, start with a small print, it's all about baby steps sometimes. If you are putting together two large prints it might be extreamly over whelming to your self and everytime you look in the mirror, WOAH! Tip numero 3, base one of your pieces around the neutral family and the let the other do the screaming and shouting, using a neutral is always a great intial stomping ground to layer on the cray! And tip number 4, always add some icing, cuz who doesn't like the sweets. Jewels are the finishing touch, as wells as a great bag and shoes, add some spikes, skulls or rhinestones, but we don't want to look like a DIY project gone wrong or like toddles in tiaras, less isn't more sometimes but you don't want to look like a hot mess, look in the mirror and edit your self, whether that's adding or taking away, always take a second look. Classy not trashy ladies. Fact of the matter is, woman dress for other woman, because if we dressed for men we would walk around naked. Every woman does the classic look up and down and it usually starts with the shoes. So lets turn heads and cause people to walk into walls wondering "who's that girl" and rock it, YOU BETTA WORK!

This is where every woman can start, simple and with leopard.
 The small print of the leopard and the big abstract print of the shirt, this can make a large
statement without you totoally jumping in the deep end of the pool.

Snake print is becomming this years new leopard. This is a great all around neutral look that
can be work or date apporpiate and not to loud but still absolutely having fun!
Date night daring. Grab a leopard bag and,abstract skirt,
and spiked boot and be fierce tonight!

This by far is my favorite look , some how it just all goes,
meshes like no other. Again, its still petty neutral with the color palete, but
is just so interesting to look at you can't help but GASP

"It's like their on fire" Don't be afraid, just put it on and feel fabulous!

Be fierce and fabulous ladies!

Fashion Head

Monday, August 27, 2012

MEN, your welcome!

Hello my Fashion Heads. This is going to be about the men in our lives, because for some of us, where would we be without them? So obvi we need them to look good while standing next to their leading lady. I have browsed the Internet and of course I gravitated towards Zara, because whether it's for men or woman they have those great pieces for an even better price, and you still manage to look high end with out the large credit card bill at the end of the shopping trip. I mixed some of these looks up consisting of: trendy cool-guys looks, because that's how I like my man to look, and a night time casual looks, maybe for that special date into the city. For some reason I love my man in grey, there's just something about it, so I do play favorite to the color, but it's such a great neutral in the guys department, because you can make the color go from casual to dressy with literally the change of the pants. Guys have it so easy compared to girls, I could have made this whole post pictures of  black and white tee's and jeans, but that simple of a look looks hot on guys and is the basic to any guys wardrobe. But what fun would that be?? So I amped up the tshirt and jeans get-up to show these men what they might looks like if they took some risks while out shopping and didn't grab that package of plain polo tees.  So like I said in my opening, your welcome!

Givenchy Rottweiler tshirt, Asos leather jacket
Zara studded jeans, Gucci sunnies, Gienchi studded kicks

This fab shirt, you can go with what the model is wearing it and
let the shirt do the talking with keeping the jeans and kicks low key, or do the outfit
above with this shirt! Get the shirt here, view the look book and email for inquires

Zara sweat shirt and jeans, Converse kicks,
Tom Ford sunnies

Zara all around
Lacoste sweater, Zara jeans, Clarks shoes

Zara vest, jeans and t-shirt, converse kicks,
Tom Ford sunnies

This look is more for the risk taker in you men. Not ever guy might have the, we'll say
conjones, to wear a studded denim vest, but hats off to the guy who will!

If the vest scared you, "like Alexa what were you thinking", but still want something interesting,
try this Dobal shirt with an abstract sleeve, view look book here

Fashion Head

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The unexpected date night look.

Hola Fashion Heads,
Last night my husband and I went out to dinner, we haven't seen each other all week because of his crazy work schedule lately, he's a bridge painter, yea bridge painter. So we set out to our favorite sushi place in Port Jeff called Hana, we go there so much that my husband has a special "Jimmy Roll" on the menu that he came up with, famous? Maybe you can say. Next door is a bank with a great brick wall that I love the texture  of so I like to take pictures against it. It was still light out when we got there but we were both ravishing, and you never mess with us when we are very hungry or "Hangry" (Han-gree,adj. a state of mind caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state), so we took the pics after which caused a little bit of lighting issues, can anyone recommend a good camera to buy? I love this outfit because the elements are unexpected, you wouldn't think to add a military vest over this cute and some what sexy-ish outfit, took a page out of The Man Repellers book... although my husband thought I still looked very sexy.  This is the exact example of the type of mixing I like to do,we have a nice outfit and add something like a military vest to it, the shirt and shorts are the soft and the vest is the rough, it makes the outfit interesting for the eye to look at. I would even wear this vest with a feathery short skirt, a t-shirt and booties (note for next time). I could have amped it up more with great jewels, but I wanted the attention on my vest, but don't be afraid to add a big chunky necklace and arm party.  And I'm gona talk about this Marc Jacobs bags for just sec, isn't she pretty?! I have been going through some withdrawls of not having a new bag lately, because bags out of anything is my favorite  part of my wardrobe, so naturally I like to change them up regularly and I haven't added a new one to my closet in what seems like a century! So I was browsing through Off 5th, and found HER, on sale and with an additional 20% off, so I put her around my arm and walked right to the register, we were meant to be ( don't you love when that happens?). I know the summer is coming to an end but the shade is quite dark so I feel it's a good transitional bag to fall.  So without further ado, peep my date night look from last night, and enjoy your weekend! 

Get the look!
1. Rory and Beca shorts: Here
2. Gap tank: Here
3. Military vest with studs: cute one Here (mine is from zara, but their web site doesn't list it, but I have seen it in recent days at their store)
4. Sandals: hot ones Here (mine are by Mia from 3 summers ago)
5. Marc Jacobs bag: great cranberry colored one Here
Fashion Head Alexa

Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebrities do look like us..

Hello my Fashion Heads, and Happy Friday!
Here we have my top 3 celebrities in which I would kill for envy their closets. Whether it's their stylists who have great taste or it really is them, I j'adore! Like I said about my style! I love edgy mixed with soft, and I think these three hit the nail on the head with just that. Off the red carpet these chicks  are hitting the streets of mostly LA (I really need to visit) making woman like me drool every time I see a website with their great attire. From Jessica and her hats, great boots and sunnies, to Khloe with her forever growing Louboutin collection and Hermes bags in every color of the rainbow, and Ashley with her boho chic get-ups and great jewelry. These gals show who they are with the clothes on their backs and boots that were made for walking. Now lets remember, these 3 get racks of clothes sent to them daily for free from designers who want them to be seen in their clothes, again WHY NOT ME GOD??
 Jessica Alba is probably my number one, maybe not her acting, but her clothes, oh the clothes, she gives woman at any age inspiration that style doesn't have to stop after you have kids. The mother of two shows that practicality and comfort doesn't have to come at a price and scarifice your wardrobe for sticky kids. I hope to look as good as her when I'm a mom, I'm going to make sure I'm not the one who doesn't get out of her sweat pants as hard at the might be even now sometimes with no kids. And if only I had Khloe's budget, (I don't I know babe) but let's say I did, I would of course donate to charity, number one, and number two, visit Roberson Blvd twice a day.....and lets throw Bergdorf Goodman in there too, just for shits and giggles.  Lastly, the Tisdale, High School Musically surely paid off, why did I ever quit that acting camp I went to?? Ashley manages to keep very California chic and young, with her occasional colored tips in her frock, to her skin tight dresses with studded boots, it somewhat makes me not want summer to end just yet. I would love to be able to pick and choice what the weather will be depending on if I want to wear my military jacket or my maxi dress, but I'm not Bruce almighty, Samuel Jackson did not pick me!
So to conclude again with inspiration, go and take a look in your closet, pull some pieces out, maybe all the way in the back,  mix prints, add the shoe that isn't obvious and have fun, because that's what fashion is all about, take a risk babe!

And here are my favorite outfits they wore!

Fashion Head Alexa

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Hump day, so let's Arm Party!

My Fashion Heads,
I'm gona make this short and sweet. Jewelry is the icing on the cake for an outfit. As I'm sure a lot of you have seen on other sites and on fellow fashionista's , your outfit can be plain as shit but you can make it sing when adding great pieces from your jewelry box. So let's make this all about the arms, as Leandra Medina or aka The Man Repeller would call it an "arm party", stacking bracelet on bracelet on bracelet. This was a very hot trend this summer and it all went back to summer camp and friendship bracelets.  If you were lucky enough like I was, yeah right,  you were sent to summer camp as a child, the only good thing I ever took back from those days was when the girl councilors would teach us how make friendship bracelets and lanyard, and by the end of the summer your arms were cover in the suckers.  Then summer 2012 came along and some genius brought them back but better then ever and added rhinestones, chains, and studs to them.  So like some of us we went back to our roots of summer camp and started the stacking.  Unfortunately if your not as DIY crafty as some this can get rather expensive when you want to have a full fledged party on up your wrist. So what I went and did was visited websites like Etsy where people sell their handmade goods for reasonable prices. Or what is another great way is to buy larger cuffs with lots of detail that can be a hell of a party on its own or again layered with others. Below are some great cuffs at high and low price points that can get the job done!

Left to right
1. Dannijo armparty: Here but at a price!
2. Bauble Bar Snakes!:Here
3. Dannijo: Here
4. Bauble Bar: Here
5. Noir: Here
6. Dannijo: Here
7. Etsy: Here
8. Dannijo: Here
9. Bauble Bar: Here
10. Henri Bendel: Here
11. Noir: Here
12. Noir: Here
Which is your favorite?

And now here are some pics of my recent arm parities Via  Instagram<--follow me :)

Hand cuff Required Flare, Hermes, Cross and Evil Eye Martha Calvo for Cool Joolz

BCBG, Etsy spike and skull

Rainbow peace sign is my DIY

"My Mella" bracelet is very special to me and I wear it every day, it came from Etsy, it's in memory of my Yorkie pup that passed away in May,
Rainbow flower DIY

Hermes Belt and CDC, Marc Jacobs watch, BCBG "cray"
Burberry Watch and meet my boy Chandler, yes we're Friends fans!

Madewell arrow, Marc Jacobs Watch

Who ever said Less is more?!

So go out there and stack those wrists with sparkle and have a freakin party because it's almost FRIDAY!
Fashion Head Alexa

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dedication to Shoes Tuesday!

What girl doesn't love shoes?! I did some browsing on one of my favorite websites, Nordstrom, no Nordstrom isn't for everyone but I do believe they have the best and largest selection of shoes out there for the average budget minded women with great shoes any where from very high prices to reasonable prices. I've always been one of those types of girls that can really go into ANY STORE and find at least one thing I like, call it a gift and a curse, growing up my mom and I were the best shopping partners, dad was never happy with it, and now my hubby cringes, but I can't help it I like lots of things. My husband likes to remind me that I wasn't born into the Kardashian family, what I would to have their money, the closet I would have, just give me half of it, ahhh! Now back to reality :(  I only went thru a couple of pages on Nordstrom's site and had to stop myself when I found that I had added 20 pairs of shoes to my cart, not necessarily to buy, I wish, but just browsing, wish list we'll say. So here are my top 11, no not 10, I just couldn't make the cut, it was like Sophie's Choice! Great options every where from dressy to casual boots, killer pumps and even an oxford. I believe you can have a very simple plan outfit but make it sing with a killer pair of shoes.

From left to right here we go

1. Pelle Moda-Black suede with studs and a great platform: Here
2. Vince Camuto-Leopard hidden wedge boot, always love a great leopard print: Here
3. Dolce Vita-Lady Gaga-esque strappies: Here
4. Sam Edelman-Snake print has been my new obsession to replace leopard: Here
5. Rachel Roy-Hounds tooth, enough said: Here
6. Jeffery Campbel- Velvet love: Here
7. Truth or Dare-Oh and the studs, rocker: Here
8. Freebird by Steven- Aztec continues to fall: Here
9. Ninewest-Cutouts for your feet: Here
10. DV8 by Dolca Vita-Tiger Maryjane's: Here
11. BP-And one flat for the days you need to give your feet a rest: Here

Which ones do you most want to walk around this fall in?
I want them all!!! Lol

Here are is a portion of my shoes collection
Summer and Fall wheel of shoes

Getting ready for fall with studs and leopard with Steve Madden and Sam Edelman
Steven Madden and Vince Camuto

Fashion Head Alexa

Monday, August 20, 2012

Starting Feature Friday!

Greetings my Fashion Heads. Like I said in my first posting I want this to be a fun and inspirational blog, I want to see what my readers are wearing, what makes them feel good, sexy, pretty, where they got their outfit and where they wore it to. I'm going to share with you and I want you to share with me! So every Friday I'm going to feature a couple of readers, the more the freaking merrier, and share their pictures of their FAB outfits. If you would like to take part please email me your photos to fashionheadalexa@gmail.com put a brief description of where you wore your outfit and what made you feel so good wearing it. Sharing is caring right?!
"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style."

Fashion Head Alexa

We're talking faux leather Accents for Fall

Hope all my Fashion Heads had a great weekend like I did. I had a busy one filled with family, friends, and quality time with my hard working hubby, aawwww. This weekend weather wise was a little on the chillier side as compared to the hot and humid-as-hell weather New York has been having this summer, so I took full advantage of this and went a little "Pre-Fall gazing". I did some running around on Saturday to my local outlets and shopped for a dress to wear for a my Aunt's September wedding. And I believe I found the perfect one, she's getting married on a rooftop bar in NYC, pictures I will come soon. But the reason I mention this dress is largely because of this trend I am tickled with excitement for, hmmm, it's leather/faux leather accents. I'm no animal activist type, but if I can spare animal's skin for the name of fashion I will because I am the animal lover type. So here are some pics of me "Pre-Fall" outfit as well as some faux/leather accent pieces you can add to your wardrobe for Fall. Zara has some great reasonably priced items and then if you want to splurge a little there are other options as well. Enjoy it!

Here we have me in my front yard, pics thanks to my hubby. I got this great faux leather sleeved shirt from Lesters, a chain clothing store in my area, this is the exact type of mixing I talk about with the hard and soft look, the leather gives it that edge, but not making you look like you just parked your motor cycle some where. I love these jeans because this summer its been about LOUD jeans, that being colors and prints, these are great because they aren't screaming at you in a bold color but still have some spunk saying look at me and the secret garden I have on my legs. OMG and these sneakers or aka swedges as some like to call them, they are Steven Madden's knock-off  look-a-like to Isabel Marrants, these of course are a lot more affordable to the average woman, and super comfy and shit, they look just like the Marrants to me without the price tag. So for the look for less these are an A+. Lastly are another set of wanna-be sunnies (Jeremy Scot), yes you might get strange looks whilst wearing them, but secretly I'm waiting for them to start flapping and take me on a magical Peter Pan voyage, "I'M FLYING!" so that obvi is the plus!
Vintage Havana Top, Free People jeans, Steve Madden wedge sneakers <3, Peep my CRAY CRAY wing sunnies, snatch these up your self here

Chanel Bag

     Which is your favorite and NEED to have before you die? <-over dramatic fashion die we mean OF COURSE

1. Zara faux leather sleeved draped blouse: here
2. Zara faux leather sleeved Tshirt: here
3. Zara leather jacket: here
4. Rage & Bone leather sleeved denim jacket : here
5. American Retro faux leather sleeve cotton dress: here
6. Zara lace and faux leather blouse: here

And if I have any men readers out there or wifey's or loving girl friends, here is an AHmazing, expensive splurge, you get get your sweet man, if you like him today because he listened the first time you asked them to take out the garbage!
1. Givenchy leather sleeved plaid shirt: here on sale too!

Fashion Head Alexa

Friday, August 17, 2012

Here are some of my style Snap Shots via Instagram!

Style I believe always evolves, some people are trend setters and some are trend followers, I like to be some where in between. I don't ever want to be to trendy, I like to have pieces that I can have year to year that never go out of style. I would describe my style as Pretty Rocker Chic, I like hard but soft girly clothes. I always love a good spike, stud, skull or camo, and then I like pretty flowy blouse with some floral. I like to call myself goldy locks, because I always like things to be "just right" never to cold or to hot or to hard or soft, I want it to be JUST RIGHT, lol. So here are some of my favorite looks from my summer, so far cuz it ain't over just yet.

A lot of inspiration came from my favorite instragram-ers. Where did you find inspiration this summer?

Zara jacket, Gap tank, Joe's Jeans, aldo shoes, Marc Jacob Sunglasses, Required Flare necklace
Photo Credit : My hubby :)

Zara Shirt, American Eagle jeans, Jessica Simpson heels
Photo Cred: Jimmy

Zara shorts, Hermes belt, Zara top, Sam Edelman heels

Zara Vest and Shorts, Gap tank, Aldo sandales, Proenza Schouler bag

Zara Top, DIY star jeas (which originated from Forever 21), vintage flea market bag
Photo Cred: Jimmy

Zara Jacket, necklace and shorts, H&M Tshirt, Steve Madden Shoes

Rebecca Minkoff sandales

H&M Vest, bloomindales tshirt, Delias shoes, Sam Edelman heels. And my puppy Chandler :)
Photo Cred: Jimmy

Material Girl blazer, Zara shorts and necklace, Karl Largerfield for Macy's shirt, Kardashian Kollection sunnies
Photo Cred: Jimmy

Sam Edelman shoes, Blank Denim shorts
Photo Cred: Jimmy

Forever21 blouse, Urban Outfitters shorts, Mia sandales, Stella Mccartney bag, Dannijo necklace

Zara Shirt, American Eagel jeans, Mia shoes, Balenciaga bag, Aqua sunnies
Photo Credit: My little sister ,lol

Zara pants and shirt, Chanel bag, Marc Jacobs watch

Zara shirt and necklace, H&M shorts and shoes, Thomas Wylde bag

Zara necklace, Gap Tshirt, Chanel bag, Forever21 cuff
So this is a little bit of me, and when i tell you how excited I am about fall, a kid in a candy shop would be and understatement. As you can see I'm a big fan of Zara, didn't realize how much until i captioned all these WOW. I like high and low designers, unfortunetly not everyone is as fortunet to be able to buy Givenchy, Ysl, Rodarte, Alexander Wang everthing , that would be a dream come true though. I love to mix and match, not everything you wear has to break the bank and finding stores like Zara, Topshop, H&M can be great alternatives. What have been your favorite buys from a low priced store that had a HUGE pay off?