Thursday, September 27, 2012

This girl is on Fire!

My fashion heads, if you don't know from the title of this post, its my new favorite song my Alicia Keys featuring Nicki Minaj. She performed it at the VMA's and it just gave me a chills, especially seeing Swiss beats and their song just swaying to her singing. Alicia Keys have a special place in my heart for her, one being a former piano player myself and because my husband and I used one of her songs for our wedding song. I find this song very inspirational, I take it as no matter what is going on in the world around you, you gotta stay strong and never back down and follow your heart. So I find this very inspirational for my blog purpose, I have had my blog for a little over a month now and  I some day hope that this blog can take me places I never thought could happen. I know it sounds strange to some, mostly the "older" generation of folks, but this is the new times and blogging is the new form of public speaking and can touch such a high level of readers. I recently saw an interview of one of my blog idles Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, and she only started her blog 2 years ago and where did I see this interview you ask?!? Well it was on The Fashion Police on E! I could only dream of one day making it to that point and being invited to runway shows and styling celebrities like Rachel Zoe, and just having a say in the fashion industry, a girl can dream right?! My husband always has the utmost confidence in me and support, and I hope to one day reach the place where he believes I can be. I would like to thank him especially for always believing in me and supporting me through my blog process, he is a big part of it being my fantastic photographer, and I would like to thank EVERYONE who has taken a look at my blog this past month and gave me such great compliments and support as well. Cheers my fashion heads!
Here's hoping to that 
ONE DAY because the sky is the limit

In the mean time, lets now talk about what us fashion heads love most...the clothes. This photo shoot took place while driving through the burbs of Long Island and came across this little park with a beautiful willow tree and a bridge. This outfit was taking me into the night with a casual outting with some girl friends. If you follow me on Instagram  you would know that I'm a repeat offender of these leopard Zara pants, but once you have a piece in your wardrobe that you love and are able to wear it different ways every time, then REPEAT ON. I found these ahhhmazing silver chrome heeled shoes at Zara on FNO (fashion night out) in NYC and knew right away I wanted to pair them with these pants. On the top half I have on a Beastie Boys shirt and a leather jacket my hubby got me last year for Christmas, which I lived in because last winter was so warm and we had no snow. Of course I like the mixing-ness of this outfit and this its also a good transitional outfit to fall from summer.  I also mixed some metals, my sunglasses are rose gold, my necklace is silver and my bracelets are gold, Have fun with it! Get the look below.

How to achieve the look:
1. Similar pants: here
2. Heels: here
3. Rocker Tee: here
4. Cool faux leather: here
5. Bracelet: here

Fashion Head

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Studs, Spikes and Snakes..And my style snap shots

My Fashion Heads, sorry for being M.I.A last week, I was taking time out to get inspired and take a good look out in the fashion world for some new post ideas. So here we have our first. Studs, spikes, and snakes..dare I say oh my?! Studs and spikes have been around and fashionable since the 90's and the Madona ages, maybe even further back, and have resurfaced to the new millennium in chic and tasteful ways. It's no longer just the grundge-ies or the punk rock kids that pull out the tricks, fashionista's are turning heads with their DIY duo's and designer get ups too! I for one love this trend, but it can get a little tricky. If you go to far in the deep end with the studs or spikes you can end up looking like a weapon all on your own and/or look like the guy from Hellraiser, no no no! So we need to find a happy medium. I think its best to add with accents and in small doses and get studded up. So I have put together a medaly of the perfect accents so all my fashion heads can look chic and tasteful with out going over board.

Here are some of my Style snap shops, you can also find on Instragam, of how
I'm wearing my studs and spikes!

Snake print is, in my opinion, the new leopard!It might not stick around for as looong as leopard has stayed in the game for but it definitely does the trick and brings something new to the table. I believe it works best staying in the neutral family with this print to stay classy, Grey and nude are the way to go with our reptile friends! A great snake blouse, a shoes or bag is a great way to amp up the outfit while still being relatively close to earth. Try it ladies..and here are some way to do so (with of course some cray)! Get inspired!

And these are my snake print snap shots!

Fashion Head

Sunday, September 9, 2012

One shirt, 3 does she do it?

My Fashion Heads, today I'm mixing shit up! I'm sure you alllll know by now how much I love adding the unexpected to an outfit. Who would of ever thought that your boyfriend's jeans could come in so handy? Designers have come to the realization that not every girl wants to walk around with tight ass pants on all the damn time, we can be cool and collective too! So with this in mind I took the initiative and took a plain  cream blouse and paired it with some boy friend jeans, maybe not the baggiest I've seen but they did the freakin trick! Mixing the unexpected intrigues the eye and is what makes the outfit so interesting. I wanted to show how versatile this pretty little shirt was! Then it got me thinking of how many outfits I could really wear this shirt with... and that's always my closing argument when I come home with shopping bags and have to fess up to my husband, "but I can wear it with jeans, skirt, pants! So many things with just one purchase, I'm SAVING you money!" Scroll on peeps to get the whole vision and the thought process behind this..

We want some excitement when we look in the mirror ladies. Putting your self together, not to impress other people per say (which is always good if you do) but impress your self, if you look good you feel good.

Now the break down:
The first look is a tad casual, still very basic to me, but these boy friend jeans bring the idea that you can look pretty in a blouse but still have the look that your a little rough around the edges. I paired the Guess blouse with zara jeans, surprise surprise, Steve Madden sneaker wedges, zara bag (how fire is it?!?) cotton on clear John Lennon inspired sunnies, my new favorite can't ever leave my side multi cross necklace from Regal Rose and a spiked bracelet from F21. This outfit explains me! I love everything about it!

The 2nd look is not on the totally dressed up side, it of course has my edge, but you can change the shoes to heels or a more simple boot depending on the occasion to where we wear the outfit. I paired a subtle snake print pant in black and a dark red with studded military style boots, Melody Ehsani necklace and gucci clutch. Again mixing hard and soft is the golden ticket, studded boots that can also be used as a weapon, always a thumbs up!

NOW my 3rd look, this is the creme dela creme, thinking outside the box. I had this very cute, maybe even sexy little number which included, sequin shorts from express and my go to going out studded strappy heels...then i thought to myself, SO TYPICAL! I looked in my closet and saw my new camo shirt from Zara (again with studs) and threw it on and it just sang to me. Who would have thought? Its maybe not for everyone, but that's not what this is about, it's about using your imagination to complete a look that just makes you feel good, and if feeling good means throwing a camo studded shirt over a hot little outfit, as nike would say, JUST DO IT! I'm asked a lot by many friends, "you can mix silver and gold metals?", and the answer to that is ALWAYS YES! You don't want to walk around looking like a disco ball, but if you spread the metals through out your body, and stagger it around it will just flow. Matching and playing by the rules is never fun. I grew up with the mother that went by the rule book and was ones of those people who match everything, she'd say "well there's teal in my shirt, so I need teal shoes, and a teal bag" and I'm sorry, but that makes me cringed! That was may be for some people, but I've always been a rule breaker. Break down those comfort walls and make shit happen and enjoy what you see when you look in the mirror! Fashion is all about Having Fun!!


Which look was your favorite?

I wanted this to be inspiring, whether you like my edgier style or not, it's just about being creative with what you wear, take risks and think of the unexpected. See how easy one shirt can be worn so many ways. Dig in your closet and try it, think of all the outfits you can recreate and make into new life.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" -Coco Chanel 
Fashion Head

Makeover Monday! Style on with Nicole

My Fashion heads, hope everyone had a great weekend! We have a very fun project to talk about, it's featuring one of my dearest friends Nicole. We have been friends for about 10 years and as much as I absolutely adore her, her style doesn't always represent her out going, fun and carefree personality that we all know and love. So I approached her with the idea of a makeover and she of course jumped at the idea because she agreed that her wardrobe needed an upgrade. So we set a date and made this shit happen folks. Now as much as I LOVE to buy everything in sight when I go shopping, unfortunately the wallet doesn't always permit that.  I wanted this to be a budget friendly makeover using 2 pieces of clothes from her existing wardrobe, that being her favorite pair of maroon pants, and a killer pair of Jessica Simpson neon and leopard heels. I wanted to do two looks, one daytime look (that you can easily also wear for a casual night out with friends) and a NIGHT out finding me a man outfit! So off we went this weekend stomping around the mall for a couples hours doing what I love best, playing dress up and putting outfits together. Every store I had my arms full of clothes, oh the joy!! Nicole doesn't necessarily have one style that she sticks to, she mainly likes to be comfortable but she definitely has some rocker girl edge in her, roooaarr! So naturally she is my ideal client. 

   Sunday was the day of fun and madness, because as 25 year old girls we went out a little too late on our Saturday night, but still woke up with enthusiasm and excitement to get the show on the road. We preped, hair and make up was done by yours truly, and we hit the road to start the shoot, with Jimmy in toe. So please now ladies and gents, enjoy my beautiful friend Nicole looking hotter then ever! These are photos of her before, during an after. 
Styling, hair, makeup and photo editing by Alexa, photography by Jimmy Sellick
Before, She's a batman lover

How amazing is this before and after?!?!

Her typical stink face!

OK and get this fashion heads, her two outfits cost $113!! For the day time look, we used her pants, a Mick Jagger muscle tee from cotton on $20, bleached denim shirt from h&m $30, sunnies from cotton on were 2 for $10 and boots from forever21 $25. The night time look consisted of her neon heels, shirt from h&m for $13 and skirt from h&m for $15.

And whats so great about all the pieces we bought her is they are easy to switch around and rotate through her existing wardrobe to created new outfits. And that's exactly what I want you girls to go out and do, buy some new key pieces that are versatile and can be worn dressed up or down, so many pieces can be changed by switching out your accessories. With Nicole's day time look, she kept saying, "but where am I wearing this?!" and I told her you can wear this really any where, the jewelry might be little glitz for a casual day of errands and stuff, but if you switch them out for a simpler necklace the outfit is easily brought down a notch. And you can keep the outfit as is and add some heels for a night out that's not dressy dress needed.  I hope this inspired some of your girls to go out and possibly change up and buy new things, but not go crazy and think you need a whole new outfit or wardrobe, your existing clothes can easily be transformed if paired with some new life!

Hope you all enjoyed, would love to hear what you think!

Fashion Head