Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Studs, Spikes and Snakes..And my style snap shots

My Fashion Heads, sorry for being M.I.A last week, I was taking time out to get inspired and take a good look out in the fashion world for some new post ideas. So here we have our first. Studs, spikes, and snakes..dare I say oh my?! Studs and spikes have been around and fashionable since the 90's and the Madona ages, maybe even further back, and have resurfaced to the new millennium in chic and tasteful ways. It's no longer just the grundge-ies or the punk rock kids that pull out the tricks, fashionista's are turning heads with their DIY duo's and designer get ups too! I for one love this trend, but it can get a little tricky. If you go to far in the deep end with the studs or spikes you can end up looking like a weapon all on your own and/or look like the guy from Hellraiser, no no no! So we need to find a happy medium. I think its best to add with accents and in small doses and get studded up. So I have put together a medaly of the perfect accents so all my fashion heads can look chic and tasteful with out going over board.

Here are some of my Style snap shops, you can also find on Instragam, of how
I'm wearing my studs and spikes!

Snake print is, in my opinion, the new leopard!It might not stick around for as looong as leopard has stayed in the game for but it definitely does the trick and brings something new to the table. I believe it works best staying in the neutral family with this print to stay classy, Grey and nude are the way to go with our reptile friends! A great snake blouse, a shoes or bag is a great way to amp up the outfit while still being relatively close to earth. Try it ladies..and here are some way to do so (with of course some cray)! Get inspired!

And these are my snake print snap shots!

Fashion Head

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