Sunday, September 9, 2012

Makeover Monday! Style on with Nicole

My Fashion heads, hope everyone had a great weekend! We have a very fun project to talk about, it's featuring one of my dearest friends Nicole. We have been friends for about 10 years and as much as I absolutely adore her, her style doesn't always represent her out going, fun and carefree personality that we all know and love. So I approached her with the idea of a makeover and she of course jumped at the idea because she agreed that her wardrobe needed an upgrade. So we set a date and made this shit happen folks. Now as much as I LOVE to buy everything in sight when I go shopping, unfortunately the wallet doesn't always permit that.  I wanted this to be a budget friendly makeover using 2 pieces of clothes from her existing wardrobe, that being her favorite pair of maroon pants, and a killer pair of Jessica Simpson neon and leopard heels. I wanted to do two looks, one daytime look (that you can easily also wear for a casual night out with friends) and a NIGHT out finding me a man outfit! So off we went this weekend stomping around the mall for a couples hours doing what I love best, playing dress up and putting outfits together. Every store I had my arms full of clothes, oh the joy!! Nicole doesn't necessarily have one style that she sticks to, she mainly likes to be comfortable but she definitely has some rocker girl edge in her, roooaarr! So naturally she is my ideal client. 

   Sunday was the day of fun and madness, because as 25 year old girls we went out a little too late on our Saturday night, but still woke up with enthusiasm and excitement to get the show on the road. We preped, hair and make up was done by yours truly, and we hit the road to start the shoot, with Jimmy in toe. So please now ladies and gents, enjoy my beautiful friend Nicole looking hotter then ever! These are photos of her before, during an after. 
Styling, hair, makeup and photo editing by Alexa, photography by Jimmy Sellick
Before, She's a batman lover

How amazing is this before and after?!?!

Her typical stink face!

OK and get this fashion heads, her two outfits cost $113!! For the day time look, we used her pants, a Mick Jagger muscle tee from cotton on $20, bleached denim shirt from h&m $30, sunnies from cotton on were 2 for $10 and boots from forever21 $25. The night time look consisted of her neon heels, shirt from h&m for $13 and skirt from h&m for $15.

And whats so great about all the pieces we bought her is they are easy to switch around and rotate through her existing wardrobe to created new outfits. And that's exactly what I want you girls to go out and do, buy some new key pieces that are versatile and can be worn dressed up or down, so many pieces can be changed by switching out your accessories. With Nicole's day time look, she kept saying, "but where am I wearing this?!" and I told her you can wear this really any where, the jewelry might be little glitz for a casual day of errands and stuff, but if you switch them out for a simpler necklace the outfit is easily brought down a notch. And you can keep the outfit as is and add some heels for a night out that's not dressy dress needed.  I hope this inspired some of your girls to go out and possibly change up and buy new things, but not go crazy and think you need a whole new outfit or wardrobe, your existing clothes can easily be transformed if paired with some new life!

Hope you all enjoyed, would love to hear what you think!

Fashion Head 

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