Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Even when in the country, you can't take the city out this girl...

My Fashion Heads, I'm back from a short stay in Vermont with my husband and family. It was very hard to be away from technology and the hussle and bussle of my every day life in New York, but it was so nice to get away and see the other side and be "one with nature". As my mother told me when I told her I was packing for my trip, she said "fashion doesn't matter up here, just jeans and tshirts is all that's needed", I thought to myself, "do I have any just jeans and tshirts?" And the answer to that was NO. I wouldn't be a fashion head then! So I stuck to my roots and brought my version of casual attire and made those dirt roads my cat walk. No I didn't wear stilettos, because to be honest I don't wear those here, I'm gona say it...they are NOT COMFORTABLE! So I wiped out my new fav sneaker wedges and rocked it. I got a little taste of whats to come with every fashion girls favorite season, and took full advantage with my favorite new purchases for fall, and it tasted SAAAWEEEET!
My father one day after an adventurous day of hiking and rock jumping into a gorge said "do you want to take the scenic route back to the condo?", so we drover a little out of the way through back roads to the country side and saw absolutely amazing views of mountains, ponds, cows, horses, and other naturey stuff. We crossed over this beautiful old bridge when me and my husband, being on the same page as usual, said this would be a beautiful place for a photo shoot. So we went back the next day and did just that. Please enjoy, this girl in the country.... 

Zara jacket and necklace, Forever21 shirt, Citizens of Humanity jeans,
chanel bag, Steve Madden kicks

Further up the road from this bridge was the mountain side. A sight where you can look at, take a deep breath of FRESH air and just enjoy what mother nature has given us, it was such a beautiful sight. My hubby is becoming quit the photog! <3

Fashion Head 


  1. You seriously have amazing style!!!! Love this outfit!!

    1. Awe thanks, thats so sweet! This is one my my fav outfits too, fall is just a great season to experiment with! thanks for visiting and subscribing, hope you enjoy reading as much I enjoy posting! :)