Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mixing Prints like Woaah! tips right this way....

My Fashion Heads, attention attention, we're mixing prints for fall and this is gona be fun! Some of you may be shocked or a little scared and maybe even turned off by my idea of a great outfit, but there's no shame on trying something once. I have always loved mixing prints, it all started from my interior design back round and has followed me to the clothes. So here are some tips on the matter and how to look classy and not trashy!
I'm going to start off slow and easy you into the process of how I believe this all frickin works. Tip number 1, DON'T BE AFRAID!! God forbid you leave the house and your driving in your car thinking to your self as you look down at the outfit you just put on "why the hell did I do this? No one is going to understand and people will stare!" But who cares, if that's the worst thing, just think it's only one day and you always have tomorrow to redeem your self. There's no paparrazi following you and then soon putting your pictures in Us magazine headling you in the worst dressed list, or is there?! Don't be afraid to take a risk and feel good about what you have on. Tip number 2, start with a small print, it's all about baby steps sometimes. If you are putting together two large prints it might be extreamly over whelming to your self and everytime you look in the mirror, WOAH! Tip numero 3, base one of your pieces around the neutral family and the let the other do the screaming and shouting, using a neutral is always a great intial stomping ground to layer on the cray! And tip number 4, always add some icing, cuz who doesn't like the sweets. Jewels are the finishing touch, as wells as a great bag and shoes, add some spikes, skulls or rhinestones, but we don't want to look like a DIY project gone wrong or like toddles in tiaras, less isn't more sometimes but you don't want to look like a hot mess, look in the mirror and edit your self, whether that's adding or taking away, always take a second look. Classy not trashy ladies. Fact of the matter is, woman dress for other woman, because if we dressed for men we would walk around naked. Every woman does the classic look up and down and it usually starts with the shoes. So lets turn heads and cause people to walk into walls wondering "who's that girl" and rock it, YOU BETTA WORK!

This is where every woman can start, simple and with leopard.
 The small print of the leopard and the big abstract print of the shirt, this can make a large
statement without you totoally jumping in the deep end of the pool.

Snake print is becomming this years new leopard. This is a great all around neutral look that
can be work or date apporpiate and not to loud but still absolutely having fun!
Date night daring. Grab a leopard bag and,abstract skirt,
and spiked boot and be fierce tonight!

This by far is my favorite look , some how it just all goes,
meshes like no other. Again, its still petty neutral with the color palete, but
is just so interesting to look at you can't help but GASP

"It's like their on fire" Don't be afraid, just put it on and feel fabulous!

Be fierce and fabulous ladies!

Fashion Head

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