Monday, August 27, 2012

MEN, your welcome!

Hello my Fashion Heads. This is going to be about the men in our lives, because for some of us, where would we be without them? So obvi we need them to look good while standing next to their leading lady. I have browsed the Internet and of course I gravitated towards Zara, because whether it's for men or woman they have those great pieces for an even better price, and you still manage to look high end with out the large credit card bill at the end of the shopping trip. I mixed some of these looks up consisting of: trendy cool-guys looks, because that's how I like my man to look, and a night time casual looks, maybe for that special date into the city. For some reason I love my man in grey, there's just something about it, so I do play favorite to the color, but it's such a great neutral in the guys department, because you can make the color go from casual to dressy with literally the change of the pants. Guys have it so easy compared to girls, I could have made this whole post pictures of  black and white tee's and jeans, but that simple of a look looks hot on guys and is the basic to any guys wardrobe. But what fun would that be?? So I amped up the tshirt and jeans get-up to show these men what they might looks like if they took some risks while out shopping and didn't grab that package of plain polo tees.  So like I said in my opening, your welcome!

Givenchy Rottweiler tshirt, Asos leather jacket
Zara studded jeans, Gucci sunnies, Gienchi studded kicks

This fab shirt, you can go with what the model is wearing it and
let the shirt do the talking with keeping the jeans and kicks low key, or do the outfit
above with this shirt! Get the shirt here, view the look book and email for inquires

Zara sweat shirt and jeans, Converse kicks,
Tom Ford sunnies

Zara all around
Lacoste sweater, Zara jeans, Clarks shoes

Zara vest, jeans and t-shirt, converse kicks,
Tom Ford sunnies

This look is more for the risk taker in you men. Not ever guy might have the, we'll say
conjones, to wear a studded denim vest, but hats off to the guy who will!

If the vest scared you, "like Alexa what were you thinking", but still want something interesting,
try this Dobal shirt with an abstract sleeve, view look book here

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