Saturday, August 25, 2012

The unexpected date night look.

Hola Fashion Heads,
Last night my husband and I went out to dinner, we haven't seen each other all week because of his crazy work schedule lately, he's a bridge painter, yea bridge painter. So we set out to our favorite sushi place in Port Jeff called Hana, we go there so much that my husband has a special "Jimmy Roll" on the menu that he came up with, famous? Maybe you can say. Next door is a bank with a great brick wall that I love the texture  of so I like to take pictures against it. It was still light out when we got there but we were both ravishing, and you never mess with us when we are very hungry or "Hangry" (Han-gree,adj. a state of mind caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state), so we took the pics after which caused a little bit of lighting issues, can anyone recommend a good camera to buy? I love this outfit because the elements are unexpected, you wouldn't think to add a military vest over this cute and some what sexy-ish outfit, took a page out of The Man Repellers book... although my husband thought I still looked very sexy.  This is the exact example of the type of mixing I like to do,we have a nice outfit and add something like a military vest to it, the shirt and shorts are the soft and the vest is the rough, it makes the outfit interesting for the eye to look at. I would even wear this vest with a feathery short skirt, a t-shirt and booties (note for next time). I could have amped it up more with great jewels, but I wanted the attention on my vest, but don't be afraid to add a big chunky necklace and arm party.  And I'm gona talk about this Marc Jacobs bags for just sec, isn't she pretty?! I have been going through some withdrawls of not having a new bag lately, because bags out of anything is my favorite  part of my wardrobe, so naturally I like to change them up regularly and I haven't added a new one to my closet in what seems like a century! So I was browsing through Off 5th, and found HER, on sale and with an additional 20% off, so I put her around my arm and walked right to the register, we were meant to be ( don't you love when that happens?). I know the summer is coming to an end but the shade is quite dark so I feel it's a good transitional bag to fall.  So without further ado, peep my date night look from last night, and enjoy your weekend! 

Get the look!
1. Rory and Beca shorts: Here
2. Gap tank: Here
3. Military vest with studs: cute one Here (mine is from zara, but their web site doesn't list it, but I have seen it in recent days at their store)
4. Sandals: hot ones Here (mine are by Mia from 3 summers ago)
5. Marc Jacobs bag: great cranberry colored one Here
Fashion Head Alexa

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