Monday, August 20, 2012

We're talking faux leather Accents for Fall

Hope all my Fashion Heads had a great weekend like I did. I had a busy one filled with family, friends, and quality time with my hard working hubby, aawwww. This weekend weather wise was a little on the chillier side as compared to the hot and humid-as-hell weather New York has been having this summer, so I took full advantage of this and went a little "Pre-Fall gazing". I did some running around on Saturday to my local outlets and shopped for a dress to wear for a my Aunt's September wedding. And I believe I found the perfect one, she's getting married on a rooftop bar in NYC, pictures I will come soon. But the reason I mention this dress is largely because of this trend I am tickled with excitement for, hmmm, it's leather/faux leather accents. I'm no animal activist type, but if I can spare animal's skin for the name of fashion I will because I am the animal lover type. So here are some pics of me "Pre-Fall" outfit as well as some faux/leather accent pieces you can add to your wardrobe for Fall. Zara has some great reasonably priced items and then if you want to splurge a little there are other options as well. Enjoy it!

Here we have me in my front yard, pics thanks to my hubby. I got this great faux leather sleeved shirt from Lesters, a chain clothing store in my area, this is the exact type of mixing I talk about with the hard and soft look, the leather gives it that edge, but not making you look like you just parked your motor cycle some where. I love these jeans because this summer its been about LOUD jeans, that being colors and prints, these are great because they aren't screaming at you in a bold color but still have some spunk saying look at me and the secret garden I have on my legs. OMG and these sneakers or aka swedges as some like to call them, they are Steven Madden's knock-off  look-a-like to Isabel Marrants, these of course are a lot more affordable to the average woman, and super comfy and shit, they look just like the Marrants to me without the price tag. So for the look for less these are an A+. Lastly are another set of wanna-be sunnies (Jeremy Scot), yes you might get strange looks whilst wearing them, but secretly I'm waiting for them to start flapping and take me on a magical Peter Pan voyage, "I'M FLYING!" so that obvi is the plus!
Vintage Havana Top, Free People jeans, Steve Madden wedge sneakers <3, Peep my CRAY CRAY wing sunnies, snatch these up your self here

Chanel Bag

     Which is your favorite and NEED to have before you die? <-over dramatic fashion die we mean OF COURSE

1. Zara faux leather sleeved draped blouse: here
2. Zara faux leather sleeved Tshirt: here
3. Zara leather jacket: here
4. Rage & Bone leather sleeved denim jacket : here
5. American Retro faux leather sleeve cotton dress: here
6. Zara lace and faux leather blouse: here

And if I have any men readers out there or wifey's or loving girl friends, here is an AHmazing, expensive splurge, you get get your sweet man, if you like him today because he listened the first time you asked them to take out the garbage!
1. Givenchy leather sleeved plaid shirt: here on sale too!

Fashion Head Alexa

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