Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Hump day, so let's Arm Party!

My Fashion Heads,
I'm gona make this short and sweet. Jewelry is the icing on the cake for an outfit. As I'm sure a lot of you have seen on other sites and on fellow fashionista's , your outfit can be plain as shit but you can make it sing when adding great pieces from your jewelry box. So let's make this all about the arms, as Leandra Medina or aka The Man Repeller would call it an "arm party", stacking bracelet on bracelet on bracelet. This was a very hot trend this summer and it all went back to summer camp and friendship bracelets.  If you were lucky enough like I was, yeah right,  you were sent to summer camp as a child, the only good thing I ever took back from those days was when the girl councilors would teach us how make friendship bracelets and lanyard, and by the end of the summer your arms were cover in the suckers.  Then summer 2012 came along and some genius brought them back but better then ever and added rhinestones, chains, and studs to them.  So like some of us we went back to our roots of summer camp and started the stacking.  Unfortunately if your not as DIY crafty as some this can get rather expensive when you want to have a full fledged party on up your wrist. So what I went and did was visited websites like Etsy where people sell their handmade goods for reasonable prices. Or what is another great way is to buy larger cuffs with lots of detail that can be a hell of a party on its own or again layered with others. Below are some great cuffs at high and low price points that can get the job done!

Left to right
1. Dannijo armparty: Here but at a price!
2. Bauble Bar Snakes!:Here
3. Dannijo: Here
4. Bauble Bar: Here
5. Noir: Here
6. Dannijo: Here
7. Etsy: Here
8. Dannijo: Here
9. Bauble Bar: Here
10. Henri Bendel: Here
11. Noir: Here
12. Noir: Here
Which is your favorite?

And now here are some pics of my recent arm parities Via  Instagram<--follow me :)

Hand cuff Required Flare, Hermes, Cross and Evil Eye Martha Calvo for Cool Joolz

BCBG, Etsy spike and skull

Rainbow peace sign is my DIY

"My Mella" bracelet is very special to me and I wear it every day, it came from Etsy, it's in memory of my Yorkie pup that passed away in May,
Rainbow flower DIY

Hermes Belt and CDC, Marc Jacobs watch, BCBG "cray"
Burberry Watch and meet my boy Chandler, yes we're Friends fans!

Madewell arrow, Marc Jacobs Watch

Who ever said Less is more?!

So go out there and stack those wrists with sparkle and have a freakin party because it's almost FRIDAY!
Fashion Head Alexa

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