Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebrities do look like us..

Hello my Fashion Heads, and Happy Friday!
Here we have my top 3 celebrities in which I would kill for envy their closets. Whether it's their stylists who have great taste or it really is them, I j'adore! Like I said about my style! I love edgy mixed with soft, and I think these three hit the nail on the head with just that. Off the red carpet these chicks  are hitting the streets of mostly LA (I really need to visit) making woman like me drool every time I see a website with their great attire. From Jessica and her hats, great boots and sunnies, to Khloe with her forever growing Louboutin collection and Hermes bags in every color of the rainbow, and Ashley with her boho chic get-ups and great jewelry. These gals show who they are with the clothes on their backs and boots that were made for walking. Now lets remember, these 3 get racks of clothes sent to them daily for free from designers who want them to be seen in their clothes, again WHY NOT ME GOD??
 Jessica Alba is probably my number one, maybe not her acting, but her clothes, oh the clothes, she gives woman at any age inspiration that style doesn't have to stop after you have kids. The mother of two shows that practicality and comfort doesn't have to come at a price and scarifice your wardrobe for sticky kids. I hope to look as good as her when I'm a mom, I'm going to make sure I'm not the one who doesn't get out of her sweat pants as hard at the might be even now sometimes with no kids. And if only I had Khloe's budget, (I don't I know babe) but let's say I did, I would of course donate to charity, number one, and number two, visit Roberson Blvd twice a day.....and lets throw Bergdorf Goodman in there too, just for shits and giggles.  Lastly, the Tisdale, High School Musically surely paid off, why did I ever quit that acting camp I went to?? Ashley manages to keep very California chic and young, with her occasional colored tips in her frock, to her skin tight dresses with studded boots, it somewhat makes me not want summer to end just yet. I would love to be able to pick and choice what the weather will be depending on if I want to wear my military jacket or my maxi dress, but I'm not Bruce almighty, Samuel Jackson did not pick me!
So to conclude again with inspiration, go and take a look in your closet, pull some pieces out, maybe all the way in the back,  mix prints, add the shoe that isn't obvious and have fun, because that's what fashion is all about, take a risk babe!

And here are my favorite outfits they wore!

Fashion Head Alexa

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