Friday, October 26, 2012

Camo your worries good bye!

My fashion heads, when all else fails a camo pair of pants may do the trick. Camouflage has been around for centuries and this season its being used on everything from vests, shorts, jackets, pants, shirts and even nails, the shit is every where. I've always been fond of the print and have had camo pants and jackets in previous years and would occasionally take them out of my closet and get some use out of them, but now one fashionista wears this print and stores are packed with camo overload. Now these pants I have here are not only camo but they are also....a dropped crouch, I know I know. I saw them on the hanger and was like "these pants, they are my everything, the material is nice, the prints colors are perfect" but then.. dumdumdum, I saw the CROUCH. I've seen this look on fellow fashion blogs and heads, but never thought I could EVER pull something like this off, I'm far to short to be sporting  something like this, and quite frankly they reminded me of Aladdin's pants. But I said screw it and ran to the dressing room to try these babies on. I kid you not,  I was in the dressing room doing the " how do these look from the front, the side, the ass" turn about 20 times, over and over, just having a love hate relationship, I wanted so bad to love them! One of the sales woman said it took her a little while to get used to the look but they turned out to be her favorite pair of pants, so I too wanted a fling with these, so I bought them. I kept them in the bag with the receipt in my closet for a about a week in a half debating on if I should return them or not, thinking "really, am I ever going to wear these crouchy pants?!" And it turns out kids, I did, and LOVED IT! Of course these may cause some of my readers to gasp in OMG's or is she freaking kidding me, and that's fine, well call them a conversational piece if you will. Now personally I love these pants, but one day I have high hopes to work with a designer or shit BE ONE, so the only thing I would change about these is I would tighten up the front panel to make them look less diapery and bring in a little sexy. These pants took the entitlement of the key note speaker of my entire look, so I paired them with a simple tank, a faux leather jacket and my favorite multi cross necklace. Now if you can't get past these aliabobwah pants, I definitely recommend you include some camo for fall in your wardrobe, peep my must haves after the jump!

There you have it!

Fashion Head

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