Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's pretty little things!

My fashion heads, do to the lack of cooler weather, it's still only the first week of October so I guess I'll have to be patient, the layering project hasn't quite been able to start so I decided to take a peek into my collection of sparkle. A lot of decorating went down at the "Sellitero" house last night this project being one of them (other pictures to come). One of my loves of being a fashion head is the jewels. I have been collecting over my 25 years life and never quite found the perfect way to display my prize possessions. I had them for many years sitting in a drawer getting ruined and tarnished. I saw a few ideas on Instagram and on the web, so I decided I'd be the copy cat for once and do the same to my collection. Before organizing my life of jewelry, like I said, I literally had it all sitting in a drawer not even really knowing what I had under the piles of pretty. Statement necklace after statement necklace, I said to myself a few time "damn I forgot I had this one?!" The start of the process was finding the perfect displaying board. I originally just went to Michales and picked up a "nothing special" thumb tack board, brought it home and thought "what the hell is pretty about this" so I canned that one and continued my search and landed the perfect one at Home Goods. It was perfect enough to not take away from the rest of my room and just hang quietly, or as quiet as she'll get, in the corner of my room, the perfect area where I put my self together in the morning. My wonderful hubby and his manly skills put it up for me, and I hung away. I think it's the best way to see all you have right in front of you so you just grab and go, easy peasy! As for the jewels in my collection, we mustn't forget the arm parties and rings galore! I bought other organizers from Home goods and placed the goods as neatly and visibly as I could, so all I have is laid out on the table for an "Easy put myself together" manor for my morning routines. I can't call myself Elizabeth Taylor, in no means right now, but maybe one in training. Enjoy and get inspired!

Fashion Head

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