Monday, October 1, 2012

New Month, new ambitions...

My fashion heads, Happy October, you know what that means!? Colder weather is around the corner. As much as I love the fashion side of cold weather I forget how much this girls hates to be cold, but bundleing and the laying is the funnest and creative part. With a new month I wanted to think of new ideas for my blog. I'm really going to play this fall with my clothes and have the most fun with layers, patterns and texture. What's hot this fall? How to stay warm and fashionable? Warmer clothes are always more money, how to get the BANG for your buck? And lets us not forget about Halloween!
All my fashion heads stay tuned for what great things are to come this month! Maybe we'll even take a trip to my closet! 

This weekend my husband and I went on a drive through town and because of the change of season that is among us the trees and mother nature is looking quit fashionable. We passed by this vineyard, (who the hell knew there was a vineyard right in our backyeard practically) and it was so beautifully mainstained and colorful that we had to pull over and snap some pics, good thing I adored my outfit that day! The man that owned the vineyard was nice enough to tell us a little bit about it and let us take a couple pictures and even took one of us. This is a great transitioning outfit from warm to cooler weather, this weekend we were still in the mid 60's to 70's so exposed sleeves was a must. I paired a cut off denim studded vest and a flowy black white top with my favortie and comfy black jeans, rocker miltitary studded boots, red grafic bag, shark tooth necklace and snake printed sunglasses. Get the look below.

me and my honey

Get the look:
1. Zara Denim Vest:here
2. Shark tooth necklace: here
3. Blouse (similar): here
4. Jeans: here
5. Bag (similar): here
6. Boots: here

Fashion Head

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