Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fashion Head Alexa is entering the home!

My fashion heads, my friend Nicole is back, and this time it's an interior design project for her new grown up apartment! Nicole moved into this spacious, and I say spacious because she went from a 500 square foot studio to a one bedroom apartment, with a big bedroom (with walk-in closet), beautiful kitchen and great sized living room! She wanted a place where when she came home from her long 10 hour day at the restaurant she could cozy up on the couch, relax and just love where she lives. I always say when you have a place, whether that's your own house, apartment or bedroom, you want to love where you live, feel good when you walk in the door and be proud of your home! Nicole loves the movie Serendipity and wanted the same eclectic, girly vibe that the restaurant in the movie gives off. Nicole really spread her wings on this one and let go of her purse strings and let loose with me in the design of her apartment. We knew this would be a place where we would have girls nights and where she could also have her Sunday football, so an entertaining space was a must! We set off to the perfect place where your budget can be spread out,  the magical world of Ikea! Yes you have to assemble most of  if not all your furniture your self, but in the end it is worth it for the price and even the quality. We spent a very long, but fun, 5 hours walking the isles for everything from furniture to accessories and necessities. By the end of the trip we made our way to the registers and I have to admit I was sweating, literally, between having to run around and get all our own furniture off the shelf, to thinking "oh my god did i go over her budget" because if you can picture it, we were buying everything we saw, to a point where we had 2 shopping carts full. So when the girl at the register told me I was more then half under her budget, Nicole and I high fived with HUGE grins on our faces. It felt great that not only can I give my best friend a beautiful place to live, but also she didn't have to eat ham burger helped for the rest of the month! We spent the rest of that night and half of the next day putting furniture together (with our helpers, our friend Krista, her friend and my husband Jimmy) and getting the finishing touches and the homeyness stuff at Home Goods. I have to say this was such a fun time, there is nothing I love more then helping out my friend who is very deserving and designing beautiful spaces!

Please enjoy the before and after pictures of Nicole's new place! Tell us what you think of the transformation!

Everyone hating us who was behind us on line at Ikea

As always
Fashion Head


  1. LOVE your buys from ikea. I'm about to do a spree soon after our move!

    1. Ikea is definitely a great place to get started, good luck! :)