Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Celebrity Edition Part 2

My fashion heads, we are talking celebs again, because the world just doesn't go round if we don't have people and style to envy, and what better way to gush over style then to do it over celebs and their billions of dollars in paper and plastic! First we have Jessica Beil, fiance to the "bringing sexy back" singer Justin Timberlake, but now I think the real one bring sexy back is Ms. Beil. I swear Ms. Biel got a ring on her finger, cut her some BANGS and the fierce pussy cat just came out in her. She either fired her old stylist and found her a new one or she recently purchased a full length mirror and saw how much hotter she could really be. I'm really loving the blunt cut bangs on her, she has a great face shape for it, I always wanted to do it to my self but just never had the guts. I'm also loving how well she does the mixing that I love, the girly dresses and the edgier accessories. This just shows awesome ways you can mix your wardrobe up like I always say. You can put on a nice frilly girly lace dress, but then add a leather jacket and booties to complete the look. Or how she does a little more business wear with high waist pants a sleeveless blouse but then adds a kick with a metal toed pump. Hats off to you Jessica for stepping out of the box, you get this fashion heads stamp of approval!

Get a twin of Jessica's leather jacket here Zara

OK fashion heads, brace your self, I have to admit another thing to you guys, some of you may already know but, I LOVE THE KARDASHIANS! I know, in the world we live in right now you either love this family or absolutely despise them, well I say love. What's not to love in this show?! You get laughing, drama, fashion and beauties. Some may have their opinions on how this family really rose to fame but lets face it, we would all try and milk the cow for as long as our 15 minuets of fame lasted for! So now the clothes, if you, like me, watched the show you saw in one episode we were briefly Keeping up with Kanye, and he decided he wanted to give Kim and her closet a makeover, lucky bitch. I thought to myself while I was watching, "don't do it Kim, don't let a man change who you are and stop being your self for him, dress for your self" I got all woman's rights activist to my tv. But as I'm witnessing the way she is looking lately, I'm so glad she let Kanye invade. It was getting to a point with her where we can say "we know Kim, we know how much money you make for your appearances" and it was as if she went on a $10,000 shopping spree every time she got dressed at every HIGH end designer store and just piled on the expensive with a overly smokey eye and of course a birkin. I mean obvi you can't get away from the sexy her body naturally brings with her cray cray curves and boottay, but she's looking more polished, clean and natural all at the same time. Her makeup has toned down as well as her signature curls. Yes her attire still includes items that reach into the thousands but she just looks so much more personable and we'll say "classy" and she has Kanye West to thank, I don't know what more impressive. But can we agree to disagree on her and agree they she looks smokin hot lately?! Thanks Yeezy!

Get a close resemblance to Kim's leather jacket here Zara

Fashion Head

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