Friday, October 12, 2012

Accessory obession

My fashion heads, I'm totally obsessed with this new accessory, its a Veiled Beanie. Now I understand why one of my closest friends is so attached to her hat collection, because all my outfits feel incomplete without this on my head! But this is my new fall obsession and you will probably be seeing it on my fashion HEAD often! By the way, this hat retails for $435 from the original designer Jil Sander, I think she is out of her freakin mind! My mom definitely rubbed off on me in the fact that I always look at pieces and if they are, price wise, out of reach I can some how make it my self. I surfed the web and found a girl who also thought the price was astronomical and did a tutorial on how to make it, so I did a little twist and made it my own. I had the beanie from last year, the original one is a little more slouchy boy friend like, but I worked with with I had. I ordered the netting fabric from Etsy, the shop owners is very nice and will shorten or lengthen the amount of fabric you need (for each veil you would need approx. 2-3 inches larger then the diameter of your head), so depending on how much extra you want. I saw a picture of a fellow blogger on instagram with a different brand on, who wore it more formed to the face and I liked that look better that way. I made mine a little tighter, and so I have room to pull in down as much or as little as I like. Ok, and the best part of this DIY project, I found the way I was explained to make it was really hard because when you put the beanie on your head it wasn't easy to judge where to sew the netting, so I actually sewed on the netting while my hubby was wearing it, he's such a trooper! So if you are lucky enough to have partner to help you out like my husband did, I would recommend that so you get it to lay the way you want it.

I'm going to show in posts to come how versatile my new favorite hat is, different ways to wear it with different outfits for the cold weather to come, dressing it up and down. Like I said, until I'm sick of it, you will see it on me for a little while.

With the outfit below I took full advatage of a rainy dreary day on Long Island and dressed casual with layers because it was quite cold. I love the look of layering a vest and a button up. In this look I layered a faux leather vest from h&m, a plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters (old), faded oxblood (which is the color of the season) pants from guess (old) and my new favorite boots from Steve Madden. This really should have been wore in down town Manhattan, that was the vibe I was getting and giving from this outfit. I'm in love with this outfit from head to toe!

Get the look:
1. Oxblood skinny jeans: here
2. Faux Leather vest (similar): here
3. Flannel plaid shirt (similar): here <--yes you can wear mens!
4. Boots: here
5. Bracelets: here

SOME how this Jil Sander beanie is out of stock but if you have the dough, you can be notified when it comes back in here

As always
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