Monday, October 22, 2012

You can get with this..or you can get with that!

My fashion heads, I've been very busy this past week and unfortunately didn't pay the right attention to my blog. I was preparing for the change of job location for my husband and found myself only wanting to spend every last minute with him before he left, so my fashion-ness kinda too a back seat, but right now we are back in full gear!

In the look I have here for your viewing pleasure, I was going for a grunge, sexy and comfortable/casual  look while adding some height to my short stature with some lady gaga-esque wedges. Soft and fuzzy material are keeping me warm for the breezy day, while my legs are still exposed (and shaved) for the sex-y. This look can so easily be worn from day to night with the change of the shoes to some strappy heels and the plaid shirt to a leather jacket. I like to wear outfits that can be transformed because when your already out and don't know where the night is heading, if you just bring a change of shoes you can be ready for whatever the night has to offer. In the first two pictures, I'm wearing my creation of a veiled beanie, that I just can't part ways with and has become a staple in my fall attire, (told ya sooo). Have fun layering ladies, add that flannel shirt to a dress or sequin shorts and just punch fashion statics in the face!
Enjoy and get the look after the JUMP!

The look ladies:
1. Flannel Shirt: here
2. Dress: cute one here
3. Shoes: crazy good ones here

As always
Fashion Head

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