Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Zara love continues!

My fashion heads, I'm taking the time in this post the say "syanara to summer". I enjoyed the last really warm weekend of summer and wore head to toe Zara, not necessarily on purpose, I just found my self pulling pretty things out of my closet and they just so happen to be all from Zara, literally. I don't know if I have admitted this yet to you guys or not, but I honestly feel that the reason I have SO much love for Zara is because...I only discovered it a little less then a year ago..I KNOW, fashion head fail! But now that Zara consumes a large portion of my wardrobe, I thought I would take the time to express why I'm a "Zara Whore". I know I'm not the only one, there is a BIG reason why every time I shop there the lines for the dressing rooms are 10 people deep at least, fashionistas just flock there! Not only is this store on trend its also super affordable as compared to other department store and high end designers but caries similar if not some times better stuff.  
Exhibit A:
The looks for less

Zara has a way of making me feel so wonderful when I get dressed. Having such a great collaboration of clothes from chic business woman attire, to downtown casual, to rocker FABulos! My favorite section of their clothes is the TRF. And OMG you guys,  they just launched their HOME collection TOOOday, so make sure you take a peep! Check out my head to toe Zara look below and also my favorite things from their HOME collection, which seems to have a very glamorous vibe!

And for the home!

Fashion Head Alexa

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