Monday, December 24, 2012

A white Christmas!

My fashion heads, I hope everyone had a great weekend. My family and I made a trip to upstate New York to visit my family and have an early Christmas eve dinner, it's a tradition and a good way to get the whole family together. So far we haven't had any snow on the island so when we went upstate they had a couple inches, it really brought Christmas to life when you have snow!  I wanted to do a little holiday outfit for those holiday parties we all have to attend, because sometimes it is hard to get that holiday outfit without having in the back of your head, I don't want to be the only one dressed up. This outfit I have is the perfect balance of dressed up and a little holiday with out screaming "I'm dressed for a holiday party!' Some old timey ladies like to wear those overly Christmas enthusiastic sweaters, where now they have parties for those, you can dig in your mom's closet, deep in the back where she keeps those clothes from the 80's that she doesn't want to part with and take out those "ugly Christmas sweaters". So here, obvi I didn't at all want to resemble THAT! Yes my sweater has the green theme, but its not punch you in the face Christmas. Wrapped around my shoulders is my every loving trend this season, faux fur scarf, and while we are at it a crouching leopard, LOVE! Paired this with a faux leather skirt, with POCKETS, (there's just something abo a skirt or a dress that when you add pockets to it, every girls with shout when they try it on, OH MY GOD IT HAS POCKETS, maybe it makes us feel closer to jeans, but who really knows), next came the tights and some crystal platform booties. Loving this holiday look, I didn't freeze toooo bad. I had a great time with my family and I hope all of you are fashionable this holiday season and have a happy and healthy New Year!

"I love the people who make me laugh.
     I honestly think its the thing I like most, to laugh"
                                                        -Audrey Hepburn

Fashion Head

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