Friday, April 5, 2013

Mother Nature is sure being stubborn!

Well hello my fashion heads!! I have to send out my extreme apologies for completely avoiding my presh blog here. I have given my blog the passenger seat in my life to focus on other things.  Like I stated in a previous post of my new year goals, I have been focusing on my health; living and eating a healthy life with exercising regularly and eating a hell of a lot better. I don't have any goal on weight loss I just all together wanna feel happier about myself, which in my opinion is a little better.

Every morning I listen to the morning's traffic and weather while I'm getting ready for my day, it's one of those channels that just repeats the same info over and over, I don't know why but I leave it on for almost the entire time I'm getting ready. I don't know if it's because I'm too lazy to change the channel, or I'm just hoping and praying that the weather doosh is gona tell me it's gona be 75 and sunny instead of what he told me this morning (the 2nd week in spring)  to get my hat and gloves ready. So with that being said I have been kind of uninspired and actually quite pissed off at our dear mother nature. I find my self every year always having a hard time transitioning to each season, especially winter to spring, we'll say the "in between seasons". Where it's sunny but not warm enough to bare toes and much skin. The hardest I find is always in the shoe department. I can stare into my closet for a good 20 mins, staring at my sandals saying "no, not yet ladies my toes are not ready to bare all" then sigh looking over at all my boots saying "I'm over over over you guys!!" Yes, I sooometimes talk to my clothes, in my fairytale brain like in that movie A Little Princess I think that when I close my closet door all my bags and shoes come to life and start talking to each other...please don't have my committed! With all this craziness being said, these days it takes me twice as long to get dressed in the morning because I literally have nothing to wear!!  This got me thinking that some of you out there may be having the same issues, this is where I will lend a helping hand...your welcome! Ways to look nice weather fresh and colorfuly but still not summer ready, because

Outfit #1 
1. Mango Wedge: $89.95
2. Maya Necklace: $75
4. China Rosa Skirt: $68
Total: $265
Outfit #2
1. Stripe Blazer: $90
2. Iron Man Tee: $40
3. Feather Collar: $175
4. Ash Sneakers: $199
5. Acid Wash Shorts: $60
Total: $564
Outfit #3
1. Utility Vest: $78
3. White Jeans: $88
6. Hand Chain: $28
Total: $456
Outfit #4
5. Wood Bangle: $18
6. Platform: $150
Total: $360
3. Celine Shirt: $30
5. Oxford peep toe: $175
Total: $499
Outfit #6
2. Jeans: $88
4. Cutout Booties: $210
5. Spike Studs: $12
7. Bead Friendship Bracelet: $12
Total: $485
Each outfit might seem a little steep for some of you as a whole, but I tried to pick mid range pieces from Nordstroms Savvy department, pieces that are classic and are great for transitioning and can be easily mixed around your wardrobe. I'm kinda obsessed with all of them, go figure!

My tip for some of these outfits, yes some do still include boots, but look for ankle boots and ones that have cut outs and show a little bit of skin, it will get you  out of those winter boot blues. Now when I make these "outfit ideas" I never expect you to go out and purchase all or if any of these pieces, its more to give some inspiration (look in your closet for similar looks). Or buy a couple of pieces and incorporate them into your existing wardrobe or go all out and spring shop, go spend that well earner tax money!! Pleeease appreciate that THIS took me forever ;)

Cheers to that ground hog being a lying bastard,
but screw him we're dressing up!

Fashion Head

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