Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lusting over Fashion Week

My Fashion Heads, as I lust over any and everyone who has attended fashion week this week, of maybe ever, I just hope to my self that one day I will be invited to a show, you don't have to sit me in the front row, just to be there and have the experience would be my everything. I have to say, that when I surf the Internet during FW I find my self being more interested in the outfits of the fashionista's going to the shows rather then seeing the pieces that are coming down the runway, shameful? I love seeing the ladies of fashion outside Lincoln Center lining up for all the papps wearing art , art to me because it speaks such volume as it would to an art major going to MOMA. You can see who each of these woman or men are by what they are wearing and how creative their minds are.  Seeing how they represent how they feel right there on their bodies for the world to see, gives me goose bumps. I always say, when you dress to impress for something as extravagant (to me) and fun filled as FW, its all about the laying, laying goodness, and necessary with blizzard Nemo who hit the first of FW, bastard. Quirky you might call some looks, maybe even bizarre, but that's was fashion is, not cookie cutter, not borrring, STAND OUT, SPEAK VOLUME, TURN HEADS, and most importantly there's the fun factor. My MECA inspiring fashion blogger Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) said in a recent video that, fashion is a way to escape  and forget about something and step into another character, be #oneofakind. Love that!
Here for your eyes are some of my favorite girls and the outfit they worn to this years FW thus far, street style of you will.

Happy Valentine's Day

Fashion Head

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